About Us

Secondary Curriculum

Uloakwukwo Makanwereonwe Secondary School builds upon the attention to detail that underscores the provision in our Early Years & Foundation Stage and our Primary. The educational programme offered in Our Secondary School is designed to provide a world-class curriculum that helps produce learners who are self-assured, accountable, creative and inspired. The students will receive carefully planned experiences that will provide them with many opportunities to develop academically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Our Secondary School has embarked on the journey to become a specialist school for the Arts, the Sciences and Mathematics. With highly qualified specialist teachers and state of the art equipment, we provide students with an enriched learning experience that involves using the interactive whiteboard and technology that provides vivid imagery, bringing concepts to life in real time.


We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum catering for all our children. In our primary section, the curriculum is presented to them in an integrated manner, through cross-curricular themes. It aims to promote a healthy spiritual, moral, cultural, cognitive and physical development. The core curriculum subjects are based on standard: English, Mathematics, Science, ICT and Other subjects. Co-curricular activities include: clubs which involves drama, debating, and contemporary dance.

Kindergarten & Nursery

The children in nursery and kindergarten are in an important stage in every child’s life and development. We are aware of this and we have made learning as fun as possible. Our overall aim is to provide each child with the appropriate work within a stimulating and nurturing environment so that each child has the opportunity and incentive to achieve his/her full potential. Children learn best when their efforts receive positive encouragement and this is an integral part of our classroom practice in our kindergarten and nursery. Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives. Our kindergarten and nursery makes a crucial contribution to children’s early development and learning. Starting school is an important step! At Uloakwukwo Makanwereonwe we have a carefully planned pre-school induction programme to make the transition from home to school sensitive and appropriate for each child. We provide children with a rich variety of teaching and learning experiences that are appropriate to their needs. Learning takes place in a secure and stimulating environment where first hand learning experiences encourage the development of imagination, creativity and the enjoyment of learning. What children can do, rather than what they cannot do are the starting points in learning. Play helps young children to learn and develop through doing and talking, which research has shown to be the means by which young children learn to think. Structured play is important as listening, playing, speaking, concentrating, persistence and learning to work and co-operate with others are the main ways through which children learn about themselves and the world around them.